This site is a resource for playwrights and producers seeking guidance, and perhaps financial assistance, in order to get their play from a work in progress to production. A first step is evaluation of the work to find the best outlet, which would involve workshopping to find areas for strengthening. When ready, it can be sent to potential producers in the National Capital Region, or alternatively, entered in contests for new works.

It should be understood from the outset that the creative process takes time, as does raising awareness when there are always other plays vying for recognition at any given time. There are no guarantees, and, as with novels, rejection is a likely outcome in the beginning. Only patience and persistence will eventually bring success. Our role is to encourage authors throughout the process, to advocate on their behalf, so they feel supported as long as it takes to reach their goals. My own play, Maîtres Chez Nous, was produced two years after being chosen in a competition, and the creative process to get it to that point took an additional two years.

Our fees are modest, and depending on the play’s potential, and the ability of clients to pay, we may delay billing until after it is produced, at which time we will ask for a percentage of ticket sales. Or, if the play is fortunate enough to win a monetary award, a percentage of that amount.

if you would like to begin a journey with us, please use the Contact link above and let us know about your work and personal ambitions. We promise to respond promptly to all requests.

Published by rstoltz48

Playwright living in Ottawa, Canada. My first play was produced November 2019 in Wakefield (La Pêche), Quebec

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